Welcome to the website of  The Jersey Lilies

We are an all women's Morris dancing side based in the lovely island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.  

This website contains a vast array of amazing facts, figures and piccies of our posse of lovely petals. 


Just go to our Jersey Lilies Facebook page for more stunning photographs and up to date information.

Click on this link  www.facebook.com/thejerseylilies


If you want to see us dance just go to our programme page for our latest winter public performances .



Would you like to join us?


Our winter practices have started and we are still welcoming prospective Jersey Lilies.  No previous experience needed and all ages welcome.  You just need a sense of fun, reasonable coordination and be prepared to dance in public.  If you do not want to dance but are a musician we would also like to hear from you. Just email us at info@jerseylilies.com or send a message to our Facebook page and we will get in touch with you.


We are now practising every Wednesday evening at Samarès School in St Clement and will continue until May Day 2018 .


This could be you in 2018

Join/See Us!

If there's anything you're dying to know or you'd like to talk to us about becoming a potential new member or you're simply interested in seeing the Lilies in action then feel free to email us using info@jerseylilies.com.

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