Welcome to the website of the Jersey Lilies!  We are an all women's Morris dancing side based in the lovely island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.  

This website contains a vast array of amazing facts, figures and piccies of our posse of lovely petals.   Well... it will do eventually anyway.  It's currently under redevelopment so we ask you to excuse the scantiness of the content - thank you!


We had a wonderful time Wassailing  with Jersey Heritage at the Hamptonne Country Life Museum and yet again the elements were very kind to us.  Following some dancing by the Lilies the Wassail King and Queen were chosen and crowned.  We were then led by our musicians to the orchard whilst making as much noise as possible wth sticks, pots and pans to ward off the evil spirits.  In the orchard the ritual was led by one of the Lilies and cidered bread was placed in the chosen apple tree to ensure a good crop.  By now there are probably some very happy and relaxed birds in that orchard.  The enthusiastic crowd then joined us for some lively community dancing.  


Well done everyone. who contributed to making the event a success


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If there's anything you're dying to know or you'd like to talk to us about becoming a potential new member or you're simply interested in seeing the Lilies in action then feel free to email us using info@jerseylilies.com.

Winter Hibernation

Our winter practices have now  resumed  at Samares School in St Clement on Wednesday evenings.  You can find more details on the Contact Us page!

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