What We Got Up To ....

A snapshot of The Lilies in 2018

Wassailing at Hamptonne


Festive Season in St Helier

Is Pudsey going to be our latest recruit 

Hamptonne  La Fais'sie d'Cidre 

St Ouens Manor Fête

 Jeremy artistically framed by Lilies 

Sark Folk Festival

 St Brelades Bay 

 Jersey Zoo Open Day


Well who would have thought it could rain so much and without very little respite from that cold wet stuff.  Thank you to all the kind folk who let us soggy Morris Dancers move into their premises.  It was so well appreciated.

 May Day

This really was a May Day to remember especially for the rain



Snoopy was happy though



 Love your Castle with  Jersey Heritage

  Hougue Bie La Fête du R'nouvé

 Simply Spring at Greve de l'Eecq Barracks

 Wassailing at Hamptonne


 Boxing Day in St Helier

 Durrell Family day

Some very lucky Lilies hanging out with Jersey's own Superman, Henry Cavill!  We find A list celebrities make great accessories.

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